Pain Health Information

The purpose of this site is to inform you of different types of chronic or acute pain and provide you with information of possible causes & treatments for such pain. We will not discuss in any detail pain management, but only pain causes and information on how different types of pain feel. By using our site it is our goal for this to be the first stepping stone in your path to find answers and relief to your pain. Through the knowledge provided here at we hope that we can provide you with accurate pain information that you are searching for. The following are links to individual pages giving pain information on specific types of pain and discomfort:


Abdominal Pain may be caused by many factors all giving rise to similar characteristics. Lower left abdominal pain is different from lower right abdominal pain and their causes may be very different as well. Abdominal pain may be chronic or acute and may have other symptoms including digestive disorders. Possible causes are stress or anxiety which give rise to such stomach pain. Special attention should be used if there is pain during pregnancy or if there is extreme conditions of vomiting / diarrhea. For more information on abdominal disorders causing pain click here


Elbow Joint Pain has many causes and can be quite severe. If one has external pain in the elbow joint it is generally known as "tennis elbow" but if the pain is on the medial area of the elbow it is known as "golfers elbow". If the elbow joint is causing the pain, the discomfort may radiate towards the shoulder or down to the wrist. The following information may aid you in diagnosing your pain and help you find relief - Elbow Pain


Chest Pain or Chest Discomfort is caused by many types of disorders and many are not life threatening. Abdominal disorders are possible causes of chest pain and are often mistaken for angina or a heart attack but is just painful gas. If you have chest pain and breathing pain or discomfort please see the "breathing pain" link below. The following page about chest pain will explain the main causes for chest pain or chest discomfort but does not represent all the possibilities, it is just a quick reference for your information. - Chest Pain


Breathing Pain or Breathing Discomfort is a common symptom in several types of disorders both acute and chronic. Generally breathing pain or discomfort will be felt radiating towards ones back as the lungs are found close the individuals surface on their back. Many will only feel such pain when breathing deeply or taking a "deep" breath. To learn more about the types of disorders leading to breathing pain click here - Breathing Discomfort


Genital Pain or Discomfort has many different symptoms and many different causes. Many are Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as herpes or warts but many are not. We at are tying to supply you with the best information possible on genital pain enabling you to understand yourself and become more familiar with your own health. - Genital Symptoms


Shoulder Joint Pain is caused by many factors some traumatic and some not. Generally muscle tension or muscle pain can give rise to discomfort in the shoulder and neck and can be severe between the shoulder blades. Many shoulder discomforts which are only slightly debilitating and become chronic painful disorders as they are ignored and not treated properly early on in life. For a list of shoulder disorders which can give rise to pain please click on the following link - Shoulder Pain


Fracture Pain and Broken Bones can be an extremely painful experience. The following page will explain to you the types of fractures giving you the information to understand the process in which they are to be mended. We have tried to summarize different types of fractures (simple fracture, complex fracture, compression fracture, …) with pictures of the fractures in order for you to have a solid understanding. For more information or to see pictures of fractures please click on the following link - Fractured Bone


X-Ray Pictures ! the following page has many x-ray pictures of the human skeleton. There are head and face x-ray pictures, shoulder joint x-ray pictures, spine and lower back x-ray pictures, elbow joint x-ray pictures, wrist and hand x-ray pictures and knee joint x-ray pictures. click on the following link - X-Ray Pictures